by Cheryl Seib

Moon Safari


With immediate feel-good results along with long-lasting benefits that reduce stress, combat fatigue, and elevate both face posture and overall wellbeing. 


A Moon Safari Facial Massage will leave you centred, rejuvenated, strengthened & detoxified. Natural Facelift Massage™ / Facial Rejuvenation Massage is a transformative experience that noticeably benefits the nervous system, skin tone, facial lines, and circulation, resulting in a relaxed, youthful and glowing appearance.

A 1 hour Moon Safari Face Massage Introductory offer for The Wellness Collective $75* *Valid for initial treatment booked before the end of October and valid to 12/12/2020


General pricing is $90 for a single treatment, $320 for a series of 4, and $420 for a series of 6


  • We start with a gentle cleanse and rosewater tone

  • Your Moon Safari then begins taking around 50 minutes for the full exploration

  • Grounding stokes over the arms, hands, legs, and feet will bring you back to Earth

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