by Jess Bancroft

The Seeing Being


Dive deeper to decode the hidden messages that lie beneath the surface and shed light on unconscious patterns.
Intuition Coaching with Jess Bancroft from THE SEEING BEING


Jess is a native New Yorker who moved to Sydney 4 years ago after a moment of intuition struck and directed her there. Since then, intuitive action has been the guiding force in her life and her work.


After years of working in events, public relations, and hospitality in NYC left her feeling uninspired by lack of purpose, she chose to pursue a career in health and wellness as a way to lead and serve in a bigger way.


As a certified health coach she helps people connect back to their intuition through mindfulness and meditation so they can take empowered action in their lives. She shares her message through one on one coaching, group workshops, and speaking engagements.


Now, she has the privilege of bringing together her love of curating amazing experiences within the world of health and wellness through production of Daybreaker, a global movement that re-imagines the way people connect. Daybreaker combines fitness, dance, and immersive performances first thing in the morning, without any substances, for a one of a kind way to start the day.


Their mission is to help communities explore the power of freedom of expression, joy, and true connection through movement, mindfulness, and a bit of mischief.