by Natalie

After-hours sessions can be arranged

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Relax & Glow is perfect for clients looking to rejuvenate the skin appearance and regave a natural glow.

This is the perfect treatment to make your skin healthier, but it's also can bring relaxation to your body and mind.

What you will experience:


  • Skin cleansing

  • Skin assessment with Skin Analyser device  (Japan)   -  New

  • Relaxation facial massage to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage reduce face puffiness and relieve tension and promotes relaxation

  • The gentle peel to help to dissolve dead skin cells 

  • 20 min full-body LED Red Light to stimulate your own collagen production, improve your skin appearance as well as fight wrinkles and signs of age

  • Finishing moisturiser and sunscreen



Contraindications: Eczema, active herpes virus symptoms, open wounds, fungi infections, acute hypertension, fever, conjunctivitis, Roaccutane therapy, epilepsy, inflammation affecting facial cranial nerve, acute dental conditions (e.g., pulpitis), oncology. 

*If you have any questions regarding the treatment during your pregnancy, you should speak to your doctor first.

**Botox and facial fillers - please allow at least 2 weeks post Botox or fillers. 


How to prepare for your session:

-       If possible, wear loose comfortable clothing

-       If possible, please come with a clean face without heavy makeup.


$95 - 60 minute session