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by Masako Palmer

Guru Devi


Biomagnetism is an exciting new complementary therapy in Oceania and Asia countries. This system created by Dr Isaac Goiz Duran of Mexico enables the Biomagnetism practitioner to detect and correct alterations in the body's pH.

It includes applying medium intensity magnets (between 1000 – 15,000 gauss) in specific areas of the body in order to help balance the pH levels, Alkalinity, and Acidity. All pathologies are initiated within two points which are inter-related and which possess the same bioenergetic characteristics even though they may be situated in different points within the body. This is called “biomagnetic pair” and whilst one magnet is starting acidification, the other begins alkalinisation. This allows bacteria to accumulate in one point and viruses in another. It is enough to place two simple magnets for viruses and bacteria to lose their pathogenic capacity and ceases to negatively affect the organism.

​Leaving the magnets in place for approx 20 minutes causes neutralisation of the charges, returning the tissues to the correct PH level for wellness.

Biomagnetism studies, detects, classifies, measures, and corrects the fundamental alterations of the pH of living organisms. When the pH is balanced it immediately regulates and corrects the infectious pathologies. This new therapeutic criterion is able to identify the origin of viral and bacterial diseases, as well as glandular dysfunctions caused by pathogenic microorganisms in the organ, clearing the body of heavy metals, pesticides, vaccine toxicity, and other toxic substances that accumulate over the years.


Guru Devi is a Biomagnetism therapist, Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner, and Kundalini Yoga teacher/trainer. She often applies to her therapies a combination of the three dynamic healing tools that is Biomagnetism, Micobioenergetic (The Emotion, Energy & Symbolic Code of Microbes), and Sat Nam Rasayan (The healing modality of Kundalini Yoga). Guru Devi hopes these practices will support her clients to live a happier, more wholesome, and health-conscious life.

For maintaining general well-being to helping ease acute or chronic health issues, and for those who are walking their healing spiritual journey.

The length of one session is between 1-1.5 hours.
Please bring or wear a clean pair of socks.


One session fee is $125